Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in the Delta Region of Myanmar

The world is awakening.

In 2014, millions of people around the world expressed their concern for the climate.

In 2015, a global survey done by the United Nations concluded that over 90% of the world’s population is now aware of the dangers by escalating climate change. Many have expressed their concerns. A historic call for action by Pope Francis in June 2015 reflects the urgency to protect our fragile ecosystems no matter where we live on the planet.

All attention will be on the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris starting in November 2015 for reaching a global agreement, after more than 20 years fruitless negotiations. History has proven it is not enough to leave our future in the hands of politicians alone, we must all contribute and do our part. Every individual can make a difference. We can all be part of the solution.

We invite you as our partner in a simple, effective project by planting mangrove trees in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar. Thor Heyerdahl was Worldview’s first Vice President and was one of the first to sound the global climate alarm to the United Nations back in the 1970s.

Our CO2 mitigation project started in 2012 with local communities and two of Myanmar’s leading coastal universities, Pathein and Myeik. More than one million mangrove trees have been planted and secured to mitigate over one million tons CO2 Climate Gases. The project has been supported by Letten Foundation and other institutions, companies and private individuals. Our target for 2015 - 2016 is to plant two million more mangrove trees, with the capacity to mitigate over two million tons CO2, and thereafter initiate larger projects with new partners like yourselves.

Each mangrove tree you help us plant mitigates up to one ton CO2 during its growth cycle. You can become climate neutral depending on your climate footprint and the number of trees you buy for USD 12 each. You can check your trees in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park (GPS location: 17'04'27.95" N 94'28'03.23" E) opposite Shwethaungyan on Google Earth, or request real time video by using our friendly drone, or visit the park.

Worldview is working in partnership with the Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry which is providing more land for new planting with the capacity to mitigate up to 500 million tons of CO2. The challenge is to secure funding for this simple solution with effective impact on our global climate, as well as providing sustainable development support and protecting the lives and properties of vulnerable coastal communities.

Mangroves are “miracle” trees in combating climate changes and helping poor communities secure a better life. Worldview International Foundation is working with Mission Blue led by Dr. Sylvia Earle, and other global partners, and now hopefully with you, for delivering maximum impact.

Our Project Development Director Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh is running the 2nd Sohra Marathon in his homeland Meghalaya to launch our global campaign and if you would like to support our Mission in Myanmar please adopt one or more mangrove trees for USD 12 each on our Adoption page!

Mitigate the problem. Be part of the solution!

The effects of mangrove restoration

       Mitigate up to five times more CO2 than rainforest trees and reduce escalations of global warming.
       Reverse devastating effects of destructed natural mangrove forests.
       Provide up to 50% more sea food with better and secured environment.
       Filter and clean water, securing environment for sea grass and coral reefs.  
       Generate cooling effect with up to 60,000 BTU per tree.
       Create high value-added livelihood opportunities to disadvantaged coastal communities by reducing poverty, especially among women and children.
       Save lives and improve quality of the environment for millions of people in adaptation to climate change.
       Contribute to social and economic development of a peace-building process in a new democracy. 

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